NGO application for the Free Interpreting Service form


If you think your incorporated, Non-Government Organisation (NGO) is eligible for the Free Interpreting Service, apply using the online form below.

This form should be completed only by non-government organisations providing casework and emergency services to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Note: Organisations receiving substantial government funding are not eligible for the Free Interpreting Service. Organisations delivering government funded services should discuss access to interpreters with their government funding body.

To register as a medical practitioner or under any other categories of the Free Interpreting Service, please complete the client registration form.

To enable us to assess your application as quickly as possible, please provide as much complete and accurate information as possible.

The Department of Social Services' Free Interpreting Service is delivered by TIS National. You will be contacted by TIS National on the outcome of your application as soon as possible.


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Organisation's Details
Contact officer for application More information This is the person who is applying for free interpreting on behalf of your organisation. They will be the contact person for this application.

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Eligibility for the Free Interpreting Service

Note: You are not eligible for the Free Interpreting Service as a Non-Government Organisation. Please go to the client registration form to register for a TIS National client code or contact our Language Policy Liaison team on 1300 575 847 to clarify your eligibility.

Details of the funding government department

Please provide details of the funding arrangement of your organisation so that we can assess your application for free interpreting services.

Please indicate the period of time for which funding has been received*
Do you have an existing TIS National client code?*

Recent annual report and financial statements
Supporting documentation* More information If you are having problems uploading these documents, please either email them direct to or provide a link to your website where the documentation can be accessed

I certify that I am authorised to provide the information contained in this application form and certify that it is true and accurate*

It is understood that by submitting this application form, the organisation is agreeing to abide by the free interpreting service terms and conditions upon being approved to use the Free Interpreting Service under the NGO category*

I have read and understood the department’s privacy statement*
I have read and understood the department’s security statement*
I have read and understood the department’s terms and conditions*

Note: If a service is government funded, interpreting costs should be built into the funding agreement. Fully government funded services are not eligible for exemption from interpreting fees. If your service is fully government funded please seek funding for interpreting costs from your funding agency.


If you are experiencing difficulties completing the application form, please contact the TIS National Free Interpreting Service Team. A copy of the application form in Portable Document Format (PDF) is available on request.

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